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IMESystem - systém plánování, řízení a monitorování výroby


  What is IMESYSTEM and the benefits it provides to its owner?

A general description of the functions of production MES system IME: (client-to-server technology)

• Machinery and Products
The system allows you to schedule production at various manufacturing machines. According to orders from the ERP system,  they are assigned to machines plans to produce various products.

 • Dynamic Production Planning
Production planning using floating-dynamic algorithm, where the plan is created not only by the task scheduler / master / head of the line, but is compiled on the basis of the current status of production (current performance of machines, employees etc.)

• Shifts and Employees
The system automatically generates shift schedules (ie. on shifts each day and each employee on shift) and allows you to assign employees to  machines schedule. This helps to control production capacity.

• Monitoring
System monitors on-line  the work of individual machines and individual employees, evaluates the actual performance OEE1 of worker (production pieces) compared to normal production (production cycle diagram).

• Scrap analysis
The system collects the desired types of scrap for individual machines. The system informs the percentage of utilization of machines OEE2.

• Reporting
The system provides a report summarizing the performance of individual workers, machines, lines, shifts, etc.

• Connectivity
Our system ensures connectivity (to order) with other systems working based on database technology. Individual corporate locations can be mutually connected.

IMESYSTEM topology example:

 Touch Panel:


Logging of staff work on the machines, and more 


• Touch Panel
It serves as a gateway for logging employees to work on the assigned / selected machine. It also allows employees view their own work (performances) in the last 10 shifts. Variable function of touchpanel is scrap correction by the employee upon the work is ended. A number of good pieces produced compared to the number that sent the machine to the system through a PLC.

Examples include several basic interface functions Touch Panel:

  Log in for work
(select a scheduled job or selection work its discretion - to improve your performance can be selected work 2 shifts planned in advance)
  Log out from work
(log out of the current work, respectively. re-register for another jobi)
  My works
(list of executed works of concrete employee)
(overview of current planning of staff for the shift foreman etc.)
(t allows employees to submit suggestions, if they figure out how to improve the work process, respectively. how to shorten the time-cycle etc.)
  Deviation of quality report (DQR)
(overview for the worker, what mistakes he committed)

Touch Panel also has the functionality of information documents or notifications to employees.

Touch Panel recommendation:

Nowadays, commercially available standard PC with touch screen integrated. OS: Windows 7 or higher.

 Info Panel:


SmartTV on-line presents performances of machines / employees


• Info Panel
Info panels hung in a good-seeing place in the production hall serves as an information resource for employees. Info panels at several-second intervals scroll all the active work of production machines and show the status of required production and actual production. Employees are informed during the entire shift of performance of the desired cycle of production (standardized norms). This system thus motivates employees to higher performance. Info Panels can be monitored on a PC via an intranet interface (via VPN is possible to monitor these informations from another location)

Examples of Info Panels:

  Performance (pic. on right - desctription above)
  Queue of tool crashes
  Queue of preventive tool maintenance
  Machine repairs requirements
  Molding machines failures

SmartTV with web browser highly recommended.

 PLC Siemens Simatic S7-300 or ET200S:


PLC connection description


IMESystem online import data from production machines (good piece, bad piece, type of scrap, failure type). This continuous process is realized by connecting the system to Siemens Simatic S7-300 which provides speed and stability. Data is continuously sent to the MSSQL server, calculated and presented on SmartTV Info Panel.

Connection architecture of PLC is based on MASTER & SLAVE (remote unit) technology.
If the production hall is  very large, then you need to choose the solution which is collecting data from the machines via remote units, which are sent using a LAN cable to the main unit PLC with CPU. It's no need to have cables from all machines on a single PLC.

PLC Siemens Simatic ET200S recommended.

 Dynamic production planning:


Floating type production planning

• Advantages of dynamic plannig system
Production planning using floating-dynamic algorithm, where the plan is created not only by the task scheduler / master / head of the line, but is compiled on the basis of the current status of production (current performance of machines, employees etc.) The system can thus every two minutes (user adjustable) evaluate and regenerate plan based on these all variables, the actual plan (even with the help of the order priority). Production can immediately respond to delays, failures or any performance above the norm, which automatically generates higher production performance, efficiency, and thus far greater utilization of production - Lean Manufacturing.


Shift plan & Employee planning:


Plan & Evidence of employees description



• Employee planning
Planning is based on these following steps:

1, definition of shift plan (fully flexible for design shift plan through the user interface)

2, importing orders to a production plan

3, employee can be assigned to specific work

4, plan is also dynamic, if the employee does not have
specified work, the system offers him a possible alternative

5, if employee is present at work, system will give him always work automatically (if it is planned)


Production components:


Production components evidence



- registration number of machine (type, name, division, line)
- productlist (machine assignment, projects, division)
- type of scrap (regarding type of machine)
- document attachment possibility (PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG)



Optimization of production cycletime



• Production cycletime evidence
Statistics of cycletimes.

• Detection of inaccurate cycletimes
Based on statistics, unreal cycletimes can be detected.

• Optimization of production cycletime
After standardized cycletimes analysis can these cycletimes adjustet to the right values thus will make higher efficiency of whole production.

Work watcher:


On-line status monitoring of machines



• Machine status
Based on connection between machine and PLC can be monitored various machine states: Run, Stop, Failure, Material depletion atd.

• Employee status
Based on login-logout on Touch Panels and employee planning is possible to monitor on-line, where and how long is employee logged in. Also types of absences can be shown.

• Dynamic OEE (Overall Equipment Effectivness)
During production monitoring in the time period recalculates performance OEE (3 types) employees and machines.

• Monitoring of current producted pieces amount
During production monitoring we can record the number of items produced in the system and is displayed on the Info Panel.

Deviation of quality report (DQR):


List of DQR's



• Deviation of quality report
DQR is a module used for reporting violations in the production of a specific employee. The system includes the actual reporting of the deviation input, sending e-mail to line manager, and in case of disagreement the logical process of arbitration. Everything runs through the Touch Panel (operator) and PC application IME (bureau employees). The system ensures a fair decision on this issue.

Molding machines:


Molding machines planning



• Batch planning of molding machines
This module is specialized for the planning of molding machines. System planning is handled differently than a dynamic type.

• Tool management
This module is designed for registration and manage tools for molding machines. There is also a separate full-fledged module Tool Shop but basicaly its lite version which provides the integration into the system IME. Maintenance requests issued by the operators or the adjustment of tooling are quickly responsed.

Education system:


Education trough the Touch Panel



• Education system
This system speeds up the training of new employees that are determined on the basis of time worked on the machine, if it is necessary to train. The system then evaluates the best training person and will call him/her to the Touch Panel. From that moment the employee can start work only when is trained.

Informations for production employees (operators):


Informations displayed on Touch Panel



• Informations for production employees (operators)
This feature is part of the training system. It is a method where the system enters which people (depending on the machine where the operator logs on) the document is displayed. If it is necessary to also acknowledge the supervisor or just a confirmation of reading. The database records are kept of the number of reading (you can choose how many times the operator must read the document). This could be for any information, convening people, technological process changes, holidays, downtime etc. This prevents unnecessary downtimes and ensures that the document was read by operator. Otherwise he can not start to work, and thus it decreases his performance.

Statistics, Reports (KPI):


Reporting services and statistics



• Possibility to user-definable report or statistics
Based on experience and customer requirements we create statistics and KPI indicator according to customer specifications.

• Standard types of reports and statistics
Our system by default includes dozens of standardized reporting indicators.
- Shift sumarization
- Bonus report (valuing employees using weighted OEE)
- Operations list
- Utilization of machine capacity (fond hodin / odpracované)
- Frequency of machine failures
- Most frequently downtimes
- Evidence of non-production activities (rework, cleanup)


Illinois Tool Works, Inc. Mokena , Illinois, USA
Illinois Tool Works, Inc. Richton Park, Illinois, USA
Illinois Tool Works, Inc. Frankfort, Illinois, USA
Illinois Tool Works, Inc., Dealim LaGrange, Georgia, USA
ITW Pronovia Velká Bíteš, Czech Republic
Steelltec Třinec, Czech Republic
Forschner spol. s r.o. Uherské Hradiště, Czech Republic
ITW Body/Fuel Shanghai, China
ITW Powertrain Shanghai, China
ITW Auto Components Chongqing, China
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